January 2020 – Derek Acorah R.I.P.

Derek and Gwen Acorah with Spook at Wishaw

However, we now have some happy news, a way to remember Derek.

Please click here to meet our latest recruit PATHFINDER ACORAH.

October 2020

We would like to announce that our boy Omet has qualified as a working Pathfinder Dog. We wish him and his new Handler every happiness.

Omet qualification photo
Omet qualification photo

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Due to the lack of storage space for the amount of bottle tops being sent we are asking that you only send the milk tops for the moment please.

Everyone has been so generous we are just unable to keep up with it all and the milk bottle tops are the ones that bring in the most money for our charity.

Anything you already have saved please do send but just to note only milk bottle tops from now on please.

Thank you

Either post them to our Head Office address in Wishaw or contact us online to request some posting labels.

List of wanted items

This is a poster listing items welcomed to be recycled and help raise funds for our charity.