Donate your bra

You just had to look!

So what on earth do we want with your bras?

1. RECYCLE – they don’t end up in landfill (or air pollution if you’re still burning them!)

2. CASH – we sell them on to a textile company for cash which adds to our funds for the dogs.

3. SAFER – the textile company forwards the bras to the tribeswomen in Africa. It has been told that when the tribeswomen wear them it creates a physical and psychological barrier that helps prevent rape and sexual assault on them.

So ladies – 3 good reasons to give us your ‘support’. Old, new, sports, maternity, help ‘uplift’ our project. So come on and help ‘push up’ support for our campaign.

Where to take/send them…. 

You can send them to us directly.

Drop them into our coffee shop in Gateside Street, Hamilton.

Drop them at Priory Lodge Kennels, next to us in Wishaw.