Used stamps, mobile phones  and bras!  These are some of the things that we can recycle for funds for the charity.  We like to look for some of the more unusual items to collect and I’m sure you didn’t expect to find bras in the list.  Any other unusual items you can suggest for recycling? You can send us some items directly.  You could recycle them yourself and send us the money you raise.  Some we will arrange for you.Stamps – send to us.Mobile phones – send to us or use such companies as Mazuma Mobile or Envirofone.  Find them through a websearch and I hope you’re using Easysearch or Everyclick to do it.


Bras – What do we do with them?  Find out more through the logo and find out if there is a collection point near you or set one up for us

Donate your bra

Unwanted gifts.  You can donate to us for raffles, tombolas, to sell at events or on eBay.

Items wanted for donating

Items wanted for donating


Please click here to find out which bottle tops are currently not recycled.