Plastic bottle tops

*update request 21st Nov 2019 for bottle tops

Due to the lack of storage space for the amount of bottle tops being sent we are asking that you only send the milk tops for the moment please.

We will put a notification up when this changes.

Everyone has been so generous we are just unable to keep up with it all and the milk bottle tops are the ones that bring in the most money for our charity.

Anything you already have saved please do send but just to note only milk bottle tops from now on please.

Thank you

We have been informed that, for the moment, there are only selected plastics that are recyclable. With that in mind and in response to many of your questions, we have taken pictures of plastic bottle tops which are currently NOT acceptable by recycling companies. The pictures are below.

If you feel the urge to help and sort out your plastic bottle tops before sending them to us, then thank you. However, if you have any doubts please send them all to us and we’ll sort them.

We are always looking for positive ways to recycle all that we can and we hope that all grades of plastic tops will soon be acceptable .

Many thanks.

HINT: As a quick way to sort them – any plastic bottle top that has no recycling symbol or say “massmould” are a no for sending………at the moment!