Applicant Information

We welcome applications from potential clients, however, we feel it best to inform you in advance that because we are such a small programme in our infancy and only produce German Shepherds, we are committed to growing at a realistic rate and we will endeavour to match you with the most suitable German Shepherd guide to ensure a safe working relationship.

Your information will be held confidentially. This is just an enquiry form. We will contact you once we have received this, so please make sure we have as much information as possible.

Pathfinder Dogs will only hold residential courses at our venue, these will last approximately 3-4 weeks and will be a full time course. We expect our applicants to have a good standard of mobility, to be able to show they can take care of themselves as well as a Pathfinder Dog. We will cover the cost of your board and lodgings for the entire course.

Please feel free to complete the Applicant Enquiry Form below.  Please note that we only accept applications from registered blind adults over 18 years of age.

You can call us for a chat if you have any questions.

If you prefer the form in braille or large print please let us know.