Our Wish List

“Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss it you will land among the stars”
If money was not an issue and we had several trees growing it in our back garden then this is what we would like.  The list will change as our needs change and the charity grows.
You may be able to help on one or more items on our wish list.  You could organise a fundraising event to buy an item or you might have it or know someone that would gift it to us in kind.  If something is not listed but you have it and think it would be good for us then get in touch.
In no particular order……..
  • 3 Vehicles fully sign written – 2 estate / MPV that would accommodate dog cages and still have room for passengers.  1 minibus type vehicle to transport volunteers, clients and equipment to exhibitions and the like.
  • Approx 100 acres of land somewhere easily accessible with public transport close to a vibrant township ideally situated in the Central Belt of Scotland.
  • Designer, architect, builder and building materials, all the furnishings, telecoms, IT, etc, for said training village.
  • Uniforms
  • Salaries.  We currently have no paid employees but would love to increase our paid employee numbers in particular specialist roles.
  • It costs the charity around £36,000 to train each dog from birth to qualification (and this figure rises with increased costs).  We would love to have more puppies join our programme to meet the demands of our waiting list.  Remember, we still take care of the dog costs throughout the whole of their life.
  • Apple Macs for our personnel, whether it be Macs, iPads, Macbook Air laptops, iPhones, etc.  Why not PCs? Apple Macs ALL have a superb speech system built in as standard so that blind people can use them without adding expensive software.
  • PR – more media coverage, positive coverage, of course, to tell the population that we exist and why we are doing what we are doing.
  • Stationery.  Looking professional doesn’t come cheap.  Headed paper, compliment slips, leaflets and all other items that an office and organisation needs.
  • Accountancy fees – an annual event!
  • Funding for a PAT / Portable Appliance Testing course.  We now have the PAT testing equipment through a generous donation, thank you.
  • We do have some Window PCs but only the basics.  It would be good to have the full Microsoft Office 2010 (or better) package.  
  • For Mac and Windows, we would be appreciative of photo and video editing software as this would allow us to create a more professional level of media for our website, social media and PR.
By no means an exhaustive list.